Summit 2016: The Highlights, The Speakers and What You'd Be Missing If You Stayed Home

This year, we decided to put together a half day summit for those of you who are interested in learning more about social media. Whether you wear all the hats at a small start up and now all of the sudden you’re supposed to be the social media guru (how’d that happen?) and you’re just trying to understand what the Twitter is or you’re juggling seven accounts at an agency, writing content in your sleep (coffee is life), this half day will be packed full of information nuggets for you. This Summit will happen on Tuesday, October 11th from 12-5pm at Moulin on Choteau. Reserve your ticket on our registration page!

Here’s what we’ve got. Come early and come hungry.

Check in, Lunch and Networking will start at noon. Hurry up and grab a bite before the Keynote Panel that starts at 12:30.

The panel will be moderated by Gary Pierson. On the Panel is: 


After enjoying that delicious chat, you have choices...
We will have two breakout rooms, each with different topics, spewing knowledge at you starting at 1:30pm.

1:30pm Breakouts

Setting Goals for Social Media: A Case Study of the St. Louis Fringe Festival
Brownyn Ritchie, Content Strategist, Timmerman Group - @brontchie


We have a twofur here.

A: Building a Business Case For Leadership
Patricia Crowe, Director of Marketing and Communication, St. Louis Art Museum


B: Components of A Social Media Strategy
Sam Moore, Online Communications Coordinator, Missouri History Museum @museumsamSTL

Beginning at 2:30, you have two great options … we know, it’s hard!

The Rise of Paid Social Media Advertising and Paid Social
Will Hanke, Chief Search Marketing Strategist, Red Canoe Media @techLH


A. Selecting the Right Channels for Social Media
Melanie Bernds, Director of Public Relations, Donald Danforth Plant Science Center


B. Evaluating New Social Media Platforms
Danielle Hohmeier, Online Marketing Manager, Atomicdust @daniellesmyname

It’s 3:30, and you guessed it, we’ve got more!

Social Selling: Managing Social Media for Marketing Roles vs Sales Roles
Beth Csengody, Assistant Vice President, Digital Strategy, Wells Fargo @beth_erin


Another Twofur.

A: Content Maxims on Social Media, Maryville Case Study
Chris Reimer, Associate Director of New Media, Maryville University @ChrisReimer


B: Teaching Others To Use Social Media
Cindy Price, Internet Marketing Specialist, Southeast Missouri State University @seriouslycindy

You’ll be glad you stuck around for the last session at 4:15. It’s a doozie.

Demonstrating ROI and Quantifying of the Results of Social Media Marketing
Presenter: Perry Drake, UMSL Digital @pddrake

Ran Mano, Staff Vice President, Digital Communications, Centene @ranmano
Erika Weber, Digital Strategist, Nestle Purina

Sharon Suchoval, Marketing Manager, Digital and Social Media, Perficient @sharonsuchoval
Nicki Powers, Head of Marketing, Oakwood Systems @nickipowers
Michael Halbrook, Senior Management, Adobe @Halbrook


Creating, Building and Profiting From Your Personal Brand
Brianna Smith, Integrated Marketing Manager, TeraRecon @brianna5mith

But, wait. There’s more! Now that you’re done learning, it’s time to celebrate and network! Happy Hour is 5pm sharp. Thanks to our sponsor, Verizon, for everyone’s favorite part...the networking, of course! Can't wait to see you there!

Reserve your ticket on our registration page!

Details: SMCSTL Social Summit is on Tuesday, October 11th from 12-5pm at Moulin on Chouteau.

Thank you to all of the sponsors for our Social Summit!