SMCSTL 2019: If you Get it, Share it!

The 2018 Social Media Club Board!

The 2018 Social Media Club Board!

Welcome to the Social Media Club- St. Louis’ (SMCSTL) new website. We are thrilled to serve the St. Louis community with informative and education events, speaking engagements and supporting other like-minded organizations. Over the years the landscape of social media has evolved quickly from catchy hashtags, video capabilities to integrated digital marketing automation tools.

For 2019 SMCSTL has some exciting plans already underway and looking forward to our well attended Fall Summit. Many of you filled out a survey expressing what you love about SMCSTL and what you would like to see in future. We appreciate your feedback and we hear you. To those who have supported us over the years, served as board members, provided us with space to express our thoughts, thank you for your generosity, time and thoughtfulness.

To make 2019 a huge success for everyone, we need YOU! Our board applications are now open. Join our team to develop and provide your expertise alongside others who are passionate about STL.

Over the years, I’ve personally grown as being a participant and a member of the SMCSTL Board. At work, I’ve gone through the creation of building and rebranding new websites and had a resource to reach out to about SEO, analytics and cookies, new AI tools the list goes on when searching the web was not enough. If anyone has been through a minor or large communication crisis you know having experts to tap into or just listen to your strategy to make it out the other side is essential. SMCSTL has been a safe place for me to ask questions but also provide my own expertise and spread my wings. I have had the pleasure to meet people is all different areas and in different industries to discuss important and timely topics. Most importantly, SMCSTL has been fun, challenging and the PEOPLE are why I serve.

So join us. If you get it, share it,