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Crowdfunding –Three Tactics to Move From Dreamer to Doer

With #CrowdFundSTL on June 3, moderator Travis Sheridan shares three tactics for crowdfunders

Guest Blog By Travis Sheridan

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Dreamers get all the press. They create amazing renderings, flashy PowerPoint decks, engaging videos full of promises, and a vision that is contagious. They know how to sell an idea. They often fail at implementation.

Doers are pretty quiet. They aren’t media darlings. They seek manageable projects that have a clear impact. Maybe they have a limited vision, but they are willing to trade that for clear action. They often fail at inspiration.

Crowdfunding requires a balance of the two personalities. The best approach is to find a way to establish yourself as a Doer who has the ability to turn dreams into reality. Be a Dreamer who wakes up ready to put in the work.

Tactic #1: Small Wins

If this is a new approach for you, start small and establish credibility. Find a way to do something awesome for less than $1,000. Make it visible and engaging. You will build a track record of success and people will be more willing to “invest” in your next project.

Tactic #2: Transparency

People love process. They love a behind the scenes look at a journey. Take them along for the ride. Share frustrations and success. Say “Thank you” and “I’m sorry” whenever necessary. Be honest about timelines and set realistic deliverables.

Tactic #3: Updates and Impact

Close the loop with your backers and supporters. If it is a product launch, let them know how they helped propel the business. If it is a social good type of effort, talk about the big picture impact the project made.

Crowdfunding is a great way to increase awareness and early adoption of a brand or product, but it is also a way to cause early damage. People hate dreams that become nightmares. However, people love folks who are good at getting shit done. Be a Doer, not a Dreamer.