Meet #STLSocialGood speaker @EdReggi

We're hosting #STLSocialGood, a half-day social media conference on February 6th at the Danforth Center. We're so excited about our featured speakers, we decided to do a blog post a day featuring a profile of each of them so that you can get to know them before you attend. 

Today's speaker profile is Ed Reggi. Ed Reggi (@EdReggi) a social innovator, who has utilized social media as part of StayTunedSTL on the Nine Network, will moderate a panel at our event on the 6th.

Targeted strategies are still proving to be successful but I am not sure how much more digital “begging” may eventually result in crowdfunding fatigue.
— Ed Reggi


1. What is your experience working for non-profits / community organizations?

With nearly 20 years in the performing arts, you can imagine I have spent most of that time working with many nonprofits. Nonprofits have an unique challenge that includes the lack of resources (money and staff); however, too often, I also see nonprofit organizations lack the desire for innovation. They remain reluctant to take digital risks, especially when it comes to marketing and communication.

2. How have you seen social media and the digital/mobile world affect efforts in fundraising or social good?

In the early days of social media growth, I personally experienced and lead many successful crowdfunding projects. Before 2011, I had helped raise nearly $100K using crowdfunding platforms many of which are today defunct. Ironically, today that fundraising space has become rather crowded. Targeted strategies are still proving to be successful but I am not sure how much more digital "begging" may  eventually result in crowdfunding fatigue.

3. What's your favorite Saint Louis - based "social good" organization?

I think there are a lot of great locally based social good organizations, but for me I think Chris Sommers' is by far one of the most ambitious. Providing organizations like KETC PBS and St Louis Public Radio the platform to receive donations via twitter is a game changer. Givver allows me to look for revenue outside our typical pledge drives and I truly think it's going to provide a new model within the next 2-5 years.

Visit to learn more or to give.

Visit to learn more or to give.

4. What's your favorite past-time/hobby?

Cooking! If anyone happens to catch my social media feeds they would know that I spend every waking free moment cooking. I especially love exploring the fusion between Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisine.

As an actor, I have spent a lot of time traveling. I have always thought of opening a restaurant with the flavors I have experienced along the way.


To learn more about #STLSocialGood on February 6th or to register, visit EventBrite here.