Meet #STLSocialGood speaker @EdReggi

Meet #STLSocialGood speaker @EdReggi

"Targeted strategies are still proving to be successful but I am not sure how much more digital "begging" may eventually result in crowdfunding fatigue." - Ed Reggi


We're so excited about our featured speakers, we decided to do a blog post a day featuring a profile of each of them so that you can get to know them before you attend. 

Today's speaker profile is Ed Reggi. Ed Reggi (@EdReggi) a social innovator, who has utilized social media as part of StayTunedSTL on the Nine Network, will moderate a panel at our event on the 6th.

Why #STL Non-Profits Can't Ignore #SocialMedia [INFOGRAPHIC]- #STLSocialGood

In Saint Louis, we have a lot of fantastic community organizations raising money, donations and asking for volunteer time to keep their doors open for their customers. Social media has proven to be a strong opportunity to drive results for these organizations. 

I have put together this infographic outlining some of my favorite statistics around social media in the non-profit industry. 

Meanwhile, if you work for a local non-profit or know someone who does, I hope you will consider inviting them to our February 6th half-day summit on the topic! 

Learn more about #STLSocialGood event on Feb. 6th here.


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