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Local Professional Organization, Social Media Club, to Host St. Louis Summit on How Social Media Benefits Community Organizations

Local Professional Organization, Social Media Club, to Host St. Louis Summit on How Social Media Benefits Community Organizations

“Many organizations don’t know where to start and feel overwhelmed by the many social networks out there,” said Erin Moloney, President of SMCSTL and Director of Digital and Social Media Marketing at St. Louis-based technology consulting firm, Perficient, Inc. “We see a lot of compelling things being done by community organizations using social media. We wanted to bring those people together to tell their stories and offer tips and guidance to St. Louis non-profit marketers and leaders.”

At the half-day conference, local leaders will present their experiences and discuss how non-profit organizations can most effectively harness the power of social media in their marketing efforts. 

Using new Instagram Direct to build brand ambassadors

Using new Instagram Direct to build brand ambassadors

By: Danni Eickenhorst (@STLDanni)

Earlier this month, Instagram announced Instagram Direct - a new feature for the photo-sharing app that reaches more than 150 million users around the globe. 

Instagram has been a revelation for many - a way for visual thinkers to express themselves and for creatives to share their passions, but it has also been a powerful tool for brands. While it's led to countless photos of mundane meals (check out this hilarious feed when you're done...) and an insane rise in selfies, it has also empowered every-day people to be citizen reporters, reviewers and minor celebrities. Looking at my Instagram feed, you'll see a visual depiction of important family milestones, trips, conferences, favorite foods, bad hair days and beautiful sunrises. Nothing can take me back to a moment like a photo. 

Content Curation for Non-Profits

One of my favorite social media marketers who writes about (and speaks on) the topic of social media for non-profits is Beth Kanter (@Kanter). Yesterday, Beth published an article called "How Nonprofits Get Significant Value from Content Curation."


Since we are planning a Social Media Conference for Non-Profit Organizations and Professionals on February 6th, 2014, I thought her article was particularly timely, as content curation is often tied in closely with social media marketing.

What is content curation?

Beth says it is,

"sifting through information on the web and organizing, filtering and making sense of it and sharing the very best content with your network...Content curation is not about sharing links as you find them. It is finding great stuff amid the noise, annotating it, organizing it, and adding your wisdom or perspective and sharing a collection of curated links in a context or time that adds value."

Beth then provides a lot of frameworks for thinking about content curation and sharing. It's a great post. Read it here, and tell Beth what you think on Twitter at @Kanter.


Bill Clinton & Michelle Obama sent first tweets from Saint Louis, MO - #SMCSTL Fun Fact

I cannot believe I did not know this little bit of Twitter / Saint Louis trivia until I heard it from Charlie Brennan (@charliekmox) on AM 1120, KMOX this morning. Charlie was interviewing Twitter co-founder and Saint Louis native, Jack Dorsey (@Jack), and he mentioned these two fun facts about Twitter and Saint Louis:

1. Bill Clinton sent his first tweet while in Saint Louis, MO on April 6, 2013 during the sixth annual Clinton Global Initiative University meeting at Washington University in St. Louis

2. Michelle Obama, First Lady of the United States, sent her first tweet ever while in Saint Louis - October 19, 2011 - from World Series Game 1 at Busch Stadium! Her tweet went out over the@joiningforces account to answer questions about Joining Forces and to spread awareness about supporting America's troops.

Here they are:


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