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Winners for #STLSocialGood Ticket Giveaway Announced!

Winners for #STLSocialGood Ticket Giveaway Announced!

By Danni Eickenhorst

Earlier this week, we announced a giveaway for #STLSocialGood Conference Tickets. The half day conference will focus on social + digital strategy for non-profits & small businesses - how to build brand awareness + motivate your followers to elevate your organization. We challenged our followers to share how they are using social for good in 100 words or less and we received some truly compelling entries. 

Thanks to everyone who shared their story. We are proud of the work that you're doing and so thankful you're a part of SMCSTL! if you shared your story prior to midnight Thursday evening on our Facebook page or blog and did not win, please email me by Monday at for a code good for HALF PRICE tickets

August Event Preview: Search + Social

Search and Social

Search and Social

So, you might be wondering, what's SMCSTL doing hosting an event about SEO? Well, the way we see it, social media is far more than just high-profile social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Google+.

For the last several years, SEO and social media marketing have existed on parallel paths. Both can be lumped under the header of digital communications, but each requires a different skill set, and it is easy to assume they don’t intersect.

The truth is search and social are becoming more intertwined. The average user has probably noticed social media content in their search results. Advocates of Google’s social network, Google+, point to its SEO impact as a key reason for marketers to get involved.

Recently, a controversial article from Forbes, “The Death of SEO: The Rise of Social, PR, and Real Content” suggested that social media content will kill the SEO industry as we know it.

Clearly we all need to better understand how these disciplines work together. That’s why SMCSTL has assembled a panel of specialists for our August event, including:

The panel will be moderated by SMCSTL President Erin Moloney.

The panel will cover key topics including how social media effects search engine visibility, hot topics in search and social, and best practices.

What do you want to know about SEO? Please submit questions for our panelists using the hashtag #smcstl, on our Facebook page or in the comments of this post